Long Live A$AP (New Video: WASSUP)

Harlem rap sensation A.$.A.P Rocky teamed up with VICE to create a video inspired by Scarface, Belly, Enter The Dragon, The Warriors and Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

The result is a video that follows A.$.A.P Rocky through a dreamy fantasy world filled with 40s, Ferari’s, homies and hoards of cash.

Helping out this shoot was my fav day at VICE (thus far.) I still have the Cristal Bottle on my desk (ha.)

Pls share and push as you see fit.


The Cute Show: Dog Grooming Expo

Imagine a merry band of freaks, well freakish freaks, you there? Yes, you are at the Dog Grooming expo in Hersey, Pennsylvania. Cue the 6:30 alarm. My VICE compatriots and I left our cushy, somewhat shabby digs in favor of higher and weirder ground. After 2+ hours of driving we arrived at the Hersey site. Unable to navigate our way past the gumdrop forest or whatever it was, we asked a super hopped up on sugar park attendant. “Hi, we are looking for the Dog Grooming Expo” we asked in desperation. “Oh for sure!” she replied “just take a left and then a left and under Twizzlers Lane make a right on Choco Alley.” Our tattoo and deeply cynical  cameraman huffed “Chocolate Avenue? Where the fuck is that.” We then followed kind Old Man Winter to the appropriate Convention Center and learned what a “dog grooming expo” is all about.

It got weird.

Dog Grooming Expo! (<–click here)

The Internet Is My Favorite

As Seen On Google Earth (via 9 Eyes)