The Cute Show – Sugargliders!

While tech and “the internet” is totally my jam the role of producer of a certain show has fallen to me. This show is called “THE CUTE SHOW” and it comprises 3 – 5 minutes of #cuteporn.

Here is a new episode, to be honest I think the host is wayyyy cuter then the animals but hey, there is no accounting for taste.

See the rest of the Cute Show eps here and if you have any suggestions send them to me at erin at vice dot com.



Women Who Are Actually Funny – BIG DEAL

It’s not everyday that a link gets sent your way that makes your crack up and shriek like hyena amongst your aggro coworkers, but luckily today was that day. For laughs a-plenty check out this vid.

via Laura Willcox / Emily Axford

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Preview: Here’s What Happens When Motherboard Goes To New York Comic Con | Motherboard

Preview: Here’s What Happens When Motherboard Goes To New York Comic Con | Motherboard.

All the

Motherboard traveled from Brooklyn to the crowded island of Manhattan for the annual New York Comic Con, where more than 100,000 people gathered to gape at zany costumes, games and gadgets. This year’s vibes were positively twisted. We went searching for wizards, the Monarch, booth babes, storm troopers and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

What we actually found was more of a mishmash of awkward children pretending to be adults, Glee freaks, wandering droids, “Bronies,” lots and lots (and lots) of creeps and (spoiler alert) an amazing pulled pork sandwich. Check out some photos we snapped while we were there if you’ve never seen a tattoo of a zombie-themed recreation of Star Wars or two ninjas making out.

Enjoy the trailer above and stay tuned to Motherboard for when this glittery, kind of inappropriate soiree into the dark corners of Comic Con airs this Wednesday, November 2nd.